Lifestyle Homes Inc. Policies for
Publishing, Ethics, and Diversity

Lifestyle Homes Inc. is a privately owned small business. The company co-owners are Cassadee and Peter Lissner. The information outlined below was prepared by and reflects the Lifesytle Homes Inc. company policies for:

  1. Online publishing principles
  2. Actionable Feedback Policy for Online Content
  3. Online and Print Corrections Policy
  4. Diversity Policy (for Editorial Content)
  5. Employee Ethics Policy
  6. Staff Diversity Policy (Hiring and Employment)

(Updated February 9, 2024)

1) Lifestyle Homes Website and Social Media Publishing Principles:

At Lifestyle Homes, we are committed to providing high-quality content that educates, inspires, and informs our local community. We believe in offering valuable information to homebuyers, homeowners, and industry professionals across all stages of the homeownership journey. This Publishing Principles policy outlines our core values, target audience, content focus, and goals for all online and printed content created by Lifestyle Homes.

  • Website & Social Media Publishing Mission Summary: To educate, inspire, and inform local homebuyers, homeowners, and industry professionals through high-quality content.
  • Target Audience: Local homebuyers, prospective homebuyers, real estate agents, lenders, industry professionals, and homeowners (including first-time, repeat, and retirement buyers).
  • Content Focus: New home building information, home efficiency, home maintenance, homeownership education, best-building practices, selecting professionals, local area enjoyment and recreation, community involvement, and local news.
  • Content Goals: Educate, inspire, inform, raise awareness, and entertain readers.

2) Lifestyle Homes Actionable Feedback Policy for Online Content:

Actionable Feedback for our published content is an important part of Lifestyle’s efforts to continually improve the quality and accuracy of the content we create. We also screen all online feedback for hateful speech, spam, or inflammatory, divisive, or disrespectful submissions.

  • Actionable Feedback Mission Summary: Encourage respectful non-spam feedback for all online Lifestyle Homes content.
  • Feedback Channels:
    Email (,
    Phone (775-971-2000),
    Contact form (,
    Social media comments,
    Google Business Listing comments.
  • Response Time: 2-4 business days except during extended holiday periods.
  • Decision-Making: Prioritize safety feedback or notifications/alerts and respond as soon as possible, address factual errors in a timely and efficient manner, and lastly, collect and respond to all suggestions, criticisms, and testimonials.
  • How Feedback is Used: We review all constructive feedback and use it to help us shape our content-creation strategies and approaches.

3) Lifestyle Homes Online and Print Corrections Policy:

  • Online & Print Corrections Mission: Accept submissions for all identified factual errors or other grammar/spelling errors as well as suggestions to improve “content clarity and relevance” in both online and printed materials.
  • Error Identification: Error notifications can be submitted via
  • Correction Process and Timeline for Online Content: The website and communication team edit all digital platforms and print materials as needed. Factual and critical errors (spelling, names, links, resources, references, dates, or times) will be corrected within 1 to 2 business days. Other non-factual errors (grammar, clarity, supplemental information addendums) will be corrected within 5 business days.
  • Corrections Process for Printed Materials & Publication(s): Corrections are published in the next printing cycle of all printed materials (informational, promotional, or contractual). Due to the nature of “printed materials”, any “critical or factual errors (spelling, names, links, resources, references, dates, or times), as well as any other non-factual errors (grammar, clarity, supplemental information addendums) will be corrected in the next print cycle.
  • Critical Error Categories:
    • Safety-related errors:
      • Incorrect instructions that could lead to physical harm, property damage, or financial loss (e.g., incorrect home information, inaccurate maintenance instructions).
      • Missing safety warnings or hazards not properly identified.
      • Outdated information about offerings or safety regulations.
    • Legal or compliance errors:
      • Incorrect legal information that could mislead users or cause them to violate laws or regulations.
      • Violation of privacy policies or data security breaches.
      • Defamatory or discriminatory content.
    • Time-sensitive errors:
      • Incorrect dates or deadlines which could cause users to miss important events or opportunities.
      • Outdated information about promotional offers or events.
      • Incorrect contact information for important services or resources.
    • Brand-damaging errors:
      • Errors in company names, logos, trademarks, or contact information.
      • Factually incorrect or misleading information about the company or its products/services.
      • Offensive or insensitive content that reflects poorly on the company.

4) Lifestyle Homes Diversity Policy (for Editorial Content):

  • Mission: Whenever possible, use inclusive language for all editorial content.
  • Commitment: Encouragement of diverse perspectives and respectful communication.
  • Portrayal Guidelines: Use well-regarded and contemporary “inclusive language” guidelines to inform all editorial content creation. Address any non-inclusive language concerns if they arise.
  • Sample Reference Guidelines: From the American Psychological Association

5) Lifestyle Homes Employee Ethics Policy:

  • Mission: Promote an ethical and abuse-free workplace.
  • Core Values: Integrity, honesty, transparency, reliability, solid work ethic, hostility-free workplace, workplace safety, and respect for co-workers and customers.
  • Workplace Concerns Reporting: Options for submitting workplace concerns include Confidential Reporting (identifying information is included in reporting) and Anonymous (no identifying information collected) reporting options. All workplace concerns are routed to Lifestyle’s Human Resources manager (HR), Confidential or Anonymous reports can be submitted in a sealed envelope and left after-hours in the mail drop area. Other workplace concerns can be submitted and writing or be submitted in person either on a drop-in basis or via a scheduled in-person meeting.
  • Ethical Behavior Guidelines: Lifestyle Leadership sets the example and counsels employees as needed to follow ethical behavior guidelines (e.g., avoiding conflicts of interest, avoiding co-worker conflicts at work, following company policies, protecting confidential information, using respectful and effective communication, etc) and completes regular performance assessments of all employees.

6) Lifestyle Homes Staff Diversity Policy (Hiring and Employment):

Lifestyle Homes Inc. adheres to Equal-Opportunity Employment best practices and is compliant with all current anti-discrimination laws.

  • Mission: Hire the best and most qualified staff possible regardless of lifestyle preferences, nationality, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.
  • Commitment: Open and fair hiring practices, and a non-discriminatory workplace.
  • Work Environment: Support a diverse group of employees representing various nationalities, ethnicities, and lifestyles.
  • Resources: The company performs both in-house, and if necessary, 3rd part diversity training (required participation) to promote and safeguard the well-being of all employees. Additionally, supplemental resources (eg, online, print, or 3rd party professional services) may also be offered to ensure and support an inclusive and diverse employee workplace.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.