The Team at
Lifestyle Homes

The entire staff has been very helpful and accommodating with any request we had, both during construction and after our home was completed.

Paul & Susan Taylor

A Helpful Team To Guide You
Throughout the Entire Process

When you visit our friendly and low-key office, you will meet the knowledgeable team dedicated to making Woodland Village and every Lifestyle COMMUNITY  the one you will want to call home.

There is no need for you to be on guard or wary of any sales pressures; we are a local family-owned and operated business and our sales and support team does not work on commission or have any incentives other than serving you.

Our goal is and has always been, to ensure your needs and questions are all addressed at every step of the way.

Happy new homeowners in Woodland Village. A master planned community in Northern Nevada

Meet the Lifestyle Team… Here to Help You!

Office Staff:


Brianna Kleinman

Brianna is our lead sales assistant and is a great choice for your tour through the community. She is very knowledgeable and can answer all your questions about the homes and Woodland Village. Brianna is the first point of contact for most of our home buyers, as well as Real Estate agents making general inquiries about our homes or agents that are representing a client.


Brooke Gray

You will be introduced to Brooke when you are handed your new keys, if not sooner. Brooke manages the Lifestyle Homes service department and will be your primary contact for any issues that may arise after you move in. You will find Brooke eager to make your home-ownership experience a positive one for years to come. Brooke’s goal is to get any service requests complete within 5 days of submission. Brooke is also a resident in Woodland Village.

Our Preferred Lender:

Kim and Crystal Petrie of Axia Home Loans, Reno, Nevada

Kim Petrie & Crystal Petrie

The Lifestyle Home Loan Dream Team

Have you met our Dynamic Home Loan Duo? Kim Petrie and her Daughter-in-law Crystal Petrie (of Axia Home Loans) are great people and a fantastic home loan team with 44 years of combined experience…We are grateful to have them as our Preferred Lender team.

Field Staff:


Mike Caldwell

Mike is probably the most easygoing guy of the bunch. Mike is in charge of the finish end of the home construction. This means he babysits the home from final textures, surfaces, and finishes, to handing you the keys. Mike walks every house, every day to ensure the home is built to your specifications and to match our standards of quality. When the home is complete, you will walk your new home with Mike as he introduces you to the home features and answers your questions. Additionally, Mike often assists the service department. Mike’s wife, Gail, teaches classes at our local family and fitness center. Mike and Gail are Woodland Village residents.


Dustin Lissner

Dustin is the son of Peter and Cassadee Lissner. Dustin is currently apprenticing through all the trades, service, sales, and management. At some point, Dustin’s goal is to obtain his general contractor’s license and take over the business. Dustin is a Woodland Village resident.


Conor Lopez

Conor is your service technician. You will find Conor to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly, considerate and devoted to solving any issues you have. You can expect Conor to be on-time. If for some reason any of our staff, or subcontractors are late to an appointment, we will send to you a sincere apology and a $50 dollar bill.



Sean Lyon

Sean is the Project Manager and a licensed general contractor. Sean spends much of his time walking the project for quality, communicating with the subcontractors, building the common elements of the community, designing and coordinating our future projects, and overseeing the service department. Sean has an open-door policy and is always happy to discuss the project in general or the home we are building for you. In other words, Sean is in charge of this well-oiled machine. Sean is a Woodland Village resident as well.


Cassadee (Cass) Lissner

Cass (and Peter) are the co-owners of Lifestyle Homes. Cass is responsible for office management, accounting, HR, and the general well-being of the employees. Cass walks every home before it’s delivered to the buyer and does everything she can to ensure customers and employees are well taken care of. Feel free to call her anytime (775 813-0053). Cass and Peter are Woodland Village residents.

Peter Lissner - Co-owner of Lifestyle Homes, builder of new Reno Homes in Northern Nevada

Peter Lissner & Raven

As company co-owner, it is Peter’s responsibility to ensure we deliver the best quality homes that we can all be proud of. This starts by hiring the best people, delivering the home when promised, and following up with unbeatable after-the-sale service. Peter personally walks every home multiple times looking for anything that could have been done better. And just like his son Dustin, he came up through the Lifestyle Homes ranks learning every job before he took the helm.

And now, as a resident of Woodland Village, Peter is 100% invested in seeing the community succeed and making this a great place to live.

Feel free to visit him at our office or call him anytime. (775 813-0046)

Bob Lissner

Bob Lissner

In 1989 Bob founded Lifestyle Homes. He is the visionary behind our Highland Ranch project and Woodland Village, and although he is retired from Lifestyle Homes, he and his son Peter continue to work closely together to envision, design, and develop future projects, which are many, all of which focus on the idea of community. When not collaborating with Peter, Bob spends a large portion of his time operating the Lifestyle Homes Foundation and volunteering in the community in various programs, many of which are in support of Public Schools He also serves on the board of the Woodland Village Association along with four other residents and continues to be a tireless advocate for initiatives that improve the quality of life for local residents.


Maddee (RIP)

Although a cliché, Maddee was truly the Lifestyle mascot. She was Peter’s first dog, rescued from the Humane Society in 2010. She was always part of the action and enthusiastically welcomed everyone who came through the door… as she got older she spent most days at the office resting and and enjoying her snacks… She is genuinely missed by the entire Lifestyle family.

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